Spreadsheets can hold enormous amounts of data so it’s vital to make them as clear and readable as possible. This is especially true in a professional environment, where any given sheet that you work on might be viewed by your colleagues. If you have set up the proper data displays then any other member of your team should in theory be able to just as easily navigate the data. Equally important is the ability to search for and find data within spreadsheets. As a new starter to a company, knowing how to both find and display data within Excel can really help make your time more productive.
One cell can contain up to 32,767 characters!

Sorting data

The only way to make a large amount of data readable is by organising it, not very exciting but it goes a long way! One of the most useful and common ways of arranging data is by ascending or descending order. Simply select the range of cells you wish to sort and then click one of the options; sort ascending, sort descending, or custom sort. You can sort your data with either of the following pathways:

  • Right click > Sort > Select option
  • Home > Sort & Filter > Select option
  • Data > Select option

If the range you select has rows or columns of data next to it you’ll see this message. By expanding and sorting Excel will sort all your connected data accordingly.

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