Whether you end up using Excel or Google Sheets depends on which one your company uses as their default. Excel is the original and is also the most common, however Google Sheets is better for collaboration and has the benefit of being free to use. Luckily, both tools are practically identical! Most of the employers on TalentPool use Excel, so for the sake of this module we’ll only be referring to Excel from here on out.
VisiCalc was the first

spreadsheet software created in

1978 and sold until 1985,

the same year Microsoft

brought out Excel.

What is Excel?

You probably have a fairly good idea of what Excel is and looks like, but here’s a quick summary just in case.

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet tool used by companies of all shapes & sizes to manage and process the mountains of data that comes with running a business. Spreadsheets are used for a wide array of purposes but predominantly for data entry, storage, analysis, and visualisation. Upon opening Excel you can browse through various templates, the range of which give you an idea of what tasks Excel is most commonly used for.

The Layout

Excel sheets have a series of tabs along the top of the page. Each tab is divided up into groups according to function. For example, within the Home tab you can see the groups - Clipboard, Font, Alignment, Number, Tables, Cells, Editing.

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