Now that you know your way around a bit more, let’s cover actually using Excel to enter data. Upon opening Excel it might seem fairly straightforward how to enter whatever data you have. However, once you begin you’ll quickly realise that there’s much more to it! Excel is a very clever tool and is full of shortcuts that can help you enter data more accurately and quickly than simply clicking between cells and typing. Then, formatting that data correctly is essential to making your spreadsheet readable. By following these steps any spreadsheet you create will be accurate, clear, and easily understood!
It’s impossible to name a sheet ‘History’, the name is reserved for use by Excel!

To enter data in Excel, simply select a cell and type. You’ll see the content start to appear in both the cell and the formula bar. Then to submit the data just hit enter. To edit a cell’s data double click and to delete it press the delete button while the cell is selected. Pressing enter automatically moves you down a cell while shift + enter moves you up a cell. Hitting tab moves you one cell to the right . Shift + tab moves you one cell to the left. Or you can select the cell range you want to fill in before you start typing, then when you hit enter you’ll automatically move to the next cell in that range.

However, as you enter more and more cells with data you’ll start to encounter formatting issues as cell content begins to overlap etc. Not only this, but entering data into each cell individually can end up taking ages if you have a large data set. This is where the following tips can really streamline how you enter and format data in your sheets!

Autofill handle

Excel can detect sequences in your data, allowing you to autofill anything that’s sequential, such as a series of numbers or days of the week. For example, by typing in Monday followed by Tuesday and 1 followed by 2, the autofill tool can be used to quickly complete these sequences.

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