Applying logic to your spreadsheets is a great way of making sure that the data you’re working with is always correct. Data validation allows you to apply rules that define what type of data is allowed in any given cell. This can become especially important when collaborating with others on the same sheet or workbook!
Thanks to a spreadsheet error,

tickets to the synchronised

swimming events at the London

2012 Olympics were oversold

by 10,000 seats.

The accuracy of your calculations are only as good as the accuracy of your data. By applying data validation you can significantly reduce the risk of incorrect data creeping into your spreadsheets. The parameters and rules that you set can prevent you, or anyone else, from inputting incorrect or illogical data.

Data validation

To apply data validation first highlight the range of cells you wish to set parameters for, then click Data > Data Validation. This will open up the following window:


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